You have found the perfect area rug for your home and you are ready to take it home, but is that really all you need?


Just as carpets need carpet pads, your area rugs need rug pads, too. Actually, you can go on and use your area rug without any pads, but doing so could prove to be quite risky in many ways. Using rug pads underneath your rugs can provide you with numerous benefits:


Rug pads can prevent your rugs from slipping out of place. No matter how beautiful your area rug is, at the end of the day, it is what it is – a rug made of fabric that could easily slip and slide. A rug pad can secure the area rug in place, providing safety to you and your family members.


Rug pads can protect your floors. Even when covered by a rug, your wooden floor could still suffer from high foot traffic, aside from that, there are certain rug colors that could bleed into the floor itself. Adding a rug pad means putting another layer of protection for your floor to not be affected by undesirable color bleeding from the rugs.


Rug pads can make your rugs easier to vacuum. Since a rug pad would slightly elevate your rug, you can expect the surface to be a bit more spread out which would make it easier to vacuum.


Rug pads add comfort to every step. It’s already a given that area rugs give you comfort, but rug pads can even enhance this feature as it acts as a cushion to your feet each time you walk on your rugs.


Rug pads can keep your rugs in great condition. Because your rug would not be directly squished onto your hard floors when you put a rug pad underneath, you can preserve its condition because of minimized impact.